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Broccoli Recipe Contest Winners

Broccoli Alfredo Soup  Diane from Kansas is our first place winner.

Broccoli Blini  Connie sent in this recipe for a second place win.

Presto Pesto Broccoli and Orzo  This 3rd place winner is from Patricia in Wisconsin.

All the recipes were great and they are posted  here.

Thank you to our wonderful (and handsome, check out the pictures) sponsors,
Spepper  for sharing with us their unique salt and pepper combo and now one
with garlic too.


What a Crock!
Here are the winners of our "What a Crock" contest.  All the recipes were great
and we want to thank everyone who made a submission.   
This contest was inspired by the Fly Lady, give her site a look.

First Place:  Three Bean Mexistrone with Cornmeal Dumplings   This fabulous
recipe is from one of our regular entrants, Elaine Sweet, from Texas.  She never
fails to send recipes that have everyone drooling.  This is her first time as the top
winner.  For a nice, meat free dinner this just can't be beat.

Second Place: 
Deli Dagwood Soup  This comes from Rosemary Johnson in
Irondale, AL.  If you don't want any carbs but want to be filled up, this pastrami
and cheese soup is just the ticket.  Our tasting panel was wild about this recipe.

Third Place:  Chuck Roast  In spite of the fairly plain name to this recipe
it is sure to be a family favorite.  My husband has asked for this recipe
already.  If you love meat and potatoes and want it easy on top of that. 
This is the recipe.  This is also a big first for mom-mom.  This recipe is
courtesy of John Wilder from Rosemont, MN.  John is the first male winner
of a recipe contest here at the site.  Just goes to show we love Dads too.

All our crockpot recipes can be found here.

You don't have a crockpot?? Shop Kitchen at Target.comLook under slow cookers for a great assortment at
good prices.


Here are the winners of the Gelatin recipe contest:

1st prize:  Cherry Coke Salad brought to us from Cedaredge, CO from the kitchen of
Lisa Carr. 

2nd prize: Honolulu Style Guava Jell-O This simple yet delicious recipe comes from
Kristin Brady in South Bend, IN

3rd prize:  Dreamsicle Mousse This recipe comes from one of our perennial
contestants, Elaine Sweet in Plano, TX. She always brings us great recipes
that we make over and over again. 

The gelatin contest was dedicated in loving memory of Mim and Pat who shared with me
their favorite gelatin recipe which can be found here.   We lost them both last year (2001)
and miss them dearly.


Our Winners: Here are the winners of the "It Hasta be Pasta" contest.
Congratulations to:

First Place: Chicken Linguine Blanca with Poblanos   from Leah Lyon in Ada, Ok. 
She won $50 plus a pasta gift.

Second Place: Cheesy Whirligig Chicken and Pasta  from Veronica Callaghan in
Glastonbury, CT.  She won $20 plus a pasta gift.

Third Place: Very Garlicky Chicken and Pasta in Cream Sauce from Sally
Sibthorpe in Rochester Hills, MI.  She won a pasta gift.

For a complete list of the recipes entered click here.


The winners of our "Eggs for Breakfast Contest":

1st Julie DeMatteo of Clementon NJ for Southwestern Eggs Benedict
2nd  Mary Bayramian of Laguna Beach CA  for
Eggs Baked in Spinach and Kielbasa
3rd TerryAnn Moore of Oaklyn NJ for Ham and Cranberry Brunch Bake

Apron Winners:
Dusty Johnston, Jennifer Petz and Cheri Authement

Booklet Winners:
Roxanne Chen, Amy Russo, Carole Resnick, Mary Louise Lever, Dean McDonald,
Lorraine Lassiter, Lyn Petty, Terry-Lyn Mann, Elaine Sweet,  and Lisa Lehman.

All the recipes can be located

Announcing our  recipe contest winners:

1st Place:  TerryAnn Moore from Oaklyn, New Jersey for:
Creamy Grilled Tomatoes

2nd Place: Once Again Elaine Sweet   from Dallas, Texas for:
                                                                Popeye's Stuffed Tomatoes

3rd Place:  Carolyn Collins from Freeport, Texas for:
                                                         Sliced Tomato Pepper Salad

For a list of all the tomato recipes click here.                     



The results are in.  The winners of the first MOM!MOM! recipe contest are:

1st Place:  Tracy Baughman from Glendora California for:
                                                              Quick and Easy Green Chili and Chicken Casserole

2nd Place: Elaine Sweet from Dallas Texas for:
                                                              Yucatan Bake

3rd Place:  Suzan Reed from Renton Washington for:
                                                      Sausage and Potato Casserole

For a list of all the entries click here.


Check here for pictures of the casserole contest  judging party, the social event of the season, along with details from the contest.

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