We held the judging party on July 22 at my home in Campbell, California at about 5pm.
Special thanks to Judd Rogers, my husband for all the support in spite of the fact that he
thinks I am crazy.  Also thanks to Linda Herzog, who made some of the casseroles so I didn't
go even more crazy.  Our volunteer amateur digital photographers were Mike Diaz and
Rick Umstattd.  The beautiful flowers were a gift from my husband's good friend and
fisherman, George Morioka. General babysitting and other household helpfulness was
cheerfully done by my oldest son, Brian Moore.

So how did we pick the winners?  As the recipes come in we made them and tested them on
any and all available and willing subjects.  When the contest closed the recipes were whittled
down to 18 that would be made for the judging contest. 

Tuesday, prior to the contest a very large grocery list was made.  Wednesday, shopping
was done at 2 different stores.  Thursday prep cooking was done and about 5 casseroles
were made and frozen.  Friday the remaining casseroles were cooked.  Saturday was
set up and housecleaning.

There were approximately 22 judges, who each had a ballot and put their choices in order
from 1-10.  The judges were all informed of the parameters that were given to the recipe
contestants.  It was a very close race and we want to say congratulations to the winners and
thanks to everyone for all the great recipes that were sent in. 

There are some pictures of the judges and the party if you are interested, on the next page,
we all had a great time.


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