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Here is a picture of The Great Pumpkin 2000 grown in Campbell, California.

Big Pumpkin with everybody.jpg (50717 bytes)

From left to right are: Mark Williams, friend and pumpkin rolling helper,
my son Devin Walton, husband Judd Rogers and daughter Madeleine Rogers.
In the center our pumpkin.

pumpkinandmaddie.jpg (32507 bytes)

Here is the 2001 pumpkin, with Madeleine Rogers, 4, climbing
to the top.  This pumpkin weighs between 600 and 700 pounds.
Photo by Jacqueline Ramseyer of
The Campbell Reporter.


Here is the 2003 pumpkin still growing on the vine.
Madeleine Rogers, 6, is the bathing beauty showing it off.

Lucky Rogers "King of the Pumpkin"

2005 Biggest Pumpkin Carved

Want to give it a try you can purchase Dill Giant Pumpkin Seeds and give it a go.

Watch our 2009 pumpkin grow


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