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It's trendy and politically correct to grow a garden.  Watch our 2009 garden grow.

Corn, Tomatoes, Garlic in Campbell April 2009

Garden Progress May 2009.  In just one month corn is tall,
tomato plants are huge.  Already harvested some radishes.

Queen Anne Cherry Tree May 2009.  It is netted so
birds and squirrels don't eat all the cherries.

A better look at how the cherry tree is netted.
Thor, cherry tree guard dog nearby.


Garden now looks like a jungle.  Have harvested a few
tomatoes, peppers, corn and turnips.  The watermelon
in foreground is even bigger now.
June photos

In the foreground the watermelon plant is taking over.
The tomato plant behind is the biggest I have ever seen.
July photo

One row of corn has already been harvested.

August garden gone wild

Daughter Madeleine with some of the harvest. 

See what we do with tomatoes and lemon from the
garden here.


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