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Thought it would be fun to track the growth of the 2009 Giant Pumpkin.  It is amazing how quickly they grow
and how big the plant gets.  Thing sucks up water like no tomorrow. 

April 2009 Baby Pumpkin Plants

May 2009 One plant down due to lack of water while
spouse on vacation in Montana.
New plant under heat lamp in house.

June pumpkin, this is just one plant.  It is shaded from
too much heat.

July Pumpkin.  This is 2 plants.  It is taking
over the yard.  The signs block wind from
damaging the plant.

August Pumpkin. Have to take the picture from further away.
Behind is located a 500gal water tank with rain water to
help water the pumpkins.

The beginning of a giant pumpkin. By Oct it will be huge. It is
sitting on the bag so nothing can come from the soil to damage
the pumpkin and to help it keep a nice shape.


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