From time to time there will be items of local interest here for the
Campbell, San Jose and Los Gatos California area. 

Westmont Baseball Players, Effie's Customers, click here to see your
photos with Melissa Haro.

Great 25  Find all kinds of great things to do under $25.

South Bay Pure Bred Dog Rescue  A local group that cares for and rescues
mostly pure bred dogs.  If you have a good home for a dog, check out
this resource.

Project Linus  This group provides homemade blankets and quilts to children that are
traumatized, ill, or in need.  They can always use yarn donations.

The Great Pumpkin   By special request, some pictures of The Great Pumpkins
of Campbell, CA grown in the backyard by my husband, the frustrated farmer.
Also follow the growth of Giant Pumpkin 2009.
Watch the Campbell 2009 Garden Grow.

Resource Area For Teachers provides classroom learning materials for thousands of teachers
here in the bay area.  They need your help during back to school time.   They help teachers
in disadvantaged communities provide a little more for their classrooms.   Donations can be
dropped off at the Raft facility at 1355 Ridder Park Dr.  San Jose, CA  95131 or at Radio
tations KLIV, KARA, KRTY located at 750 Story Road San Jose, CA  Raft's phone number
is: 408-451-1420

Cocoa Pete's That same character that brought us Pete's Wicked Ale now is
making fabulous chocolates and his office is right here in Campbell. 
Check his site to see where you can buy his confections.

Freecycle  An e-mail group where you can post items you no longer need as long as
they are free.  A good way to recycle things instead of throwing them out and you
can help somebody out, or find something you need.


Local Links:

Effie's Restaurant  Come and see me on Saturday or Friday nights for
Karaoke with Bill and Sherry. We now have free WiFi.  Our bar is
completely remodeled and looking sharp.

Bay Area Service Patrol  A free service for car problems in the
Bay Area.  Call 707-551-4100 put this in your cell phone.  This is a free
service in the Bay Area paid for by auto registrations.  If you break down
you can get a free tow or service!   Check their website for details.

Eastfield Ming Quong

Metro                                                                San Jose Mercury

City of Campbell                                            Westmont High School


Pietra Santa Winery A beautiful winery outside Hollister, you can order the most
divine olive oil at their site.
  Their Italian style red wines are also marvelous. 
The Sassolino is amazing.

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