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This recipe sounds trickier than it is.  Here are some blow by blow photos, starting in the garden.

First head out into the garden and look for the perfect
tomatoes, or in the grocery store if you don't have
a garden.  A farmer's market would be better.

Here are a couple of good ones. 

Here I demonstrate cutting the bottom of the tomatoes in
preparation for boiling.

Just boil the tomatoes for 30 seconds.
Take the tomatoes out and let them cool
down.  While they are cooling, I make the


The vinaigrette is easy just put in all the
ingredients and blend.  I  bought basil, little
did I know, in that jungle that is our garden,
my husband has grown some.


I just put juice from half a Meyer lemon from the
tree in the backyard.  Definitely fresh, not any
other kind of lemon juice.  I skip the sherry
vinegar. It is good either way.


Toss in a good olive oil and good mustard and
blend away.  Add salt and pepper if you want.

Pour vinaigrette into shot glasses, one for each tomato.
I only made four, but it is easily changed for however
many tomatoes you wish to make.  Reserve a bit to
garnish the bowls.


By now the tomatoes are cool enough to peel, just grab the
loose skin and peel carefully.  Keep the stem intact for
a nice presentation.

Now cut just a little slice off the bottom.

Use a spoon or a grapefruit spoon to empty
the contents of the tomato.  Make sure
to keep the shape. When they are all
emptied, drain them on a paper towel.

Now for the stuffing.  You can cut large mozzarella into
very small cubes, but I really like using the tiny

Now add slivered basil.  I also stir in
a little of the vinaigrette.

Getting ready to serve.  Drizzle vinaigrette on plate or bowl.
Stuff the cheese mixture into tomato, cover with the
bottom slice and place in the middle of the bowl.

Sprinkle a few more bocconcini around the tomatoes, toss on
a whole basil leaf and serve with a side shot of vinaigrette.
Very cool starter salad or appetizer.


All pictures were taken by my humble and insistent daughter,
Madeleine Rogers.

pictured at the bottom of the garden page.

Everything you need to make these, including bocconcini
can be found here.

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