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Many Moms would love to do some kind of work from home.  Below are
many links to all kinds of resources for work at home moms.  As always,
be smart and be aware, only try things that fit into your lifestyle.

 Official TomTom Site

Lets start with a link to a place that alert netizens to fraud and scams.

A very extensive site. A great place to check out misinformation
or anything you have run across that seems suspicious.
Before you start a home business in conjunction with a company that you
are not familiar with, check this site to see if they are legitimate.  Just
because they are not listed does not mean they are not OK, always use your
common sense.

Here are some links to companies we are all familiar with, plus some
unusual ones that I run into that I like. T
hey provide

an opportunity for people to have an independent business backed by
a "parent" company.  There are many more than the few listed here.
Any company that you have successfully done business with is probably
a good choice if this is the kind of home-based business you like.  Hey,
give parties and make money! Some of these are jobs that can be done
mostly from home.


Jerky Direct   Very simple program.  You get your own web
site and can sell fabulous top of the line jerky.  My family is hooked
on this.  They are coming out with the only organic beef jerky and
there are many flavors and all kinds of angles to make extra cash.
I have been a Jerky Direct member and seller for over 2 years and
simply love this company.

Wildtree  Wonderful program.  Have parties making nutritious,
additive free meals.  Make some cash as well.  I love the products
from Wildtree and their business plan is generous as well.  Visit
the site for complete information.

Mystery Shopping Business This fabulous book, by the owner
of a mystery shopping company can help you start your own company, or
just be a busy freelancer.  All the forms and guidance you will need.

Robeez Shoes  This Canadian based baby shoes company is looking
for part time, commission only sales reps all over the US and Canada.
They make the cutest baby shoes ever,  they are all leather and
very high quality, yet a reasonable price.  This is for sales to retail
outlets not to individuals.  Click careers on the site for more information.

Language Link  Do you speak a language other than English fluently?
Become an interpreter.  This is generally done by cell phone, so can
be done anywhere. I know people who work for this company and love

Bzz Agents are sent a new product and are given rewards to talk to
their friends and peer groups about the product. It's lots of fun and
you get to try new products first.  For US, Canadian and UK residents.

ClicknWork They offer a variety of work at home opportunities from
analysts, researchers, translators, web surfers, mystery shoppers and
many more.  Free to sign up.

Blue Zebra  Set appointments from home. Cold calling over the phone. 
A real company and good money if you are a motivated person that
gets results.

ACN  Work from home representing DSL, long distance and local
telephone service and energy.  I have a friend who is quite successful
with this opportunity and wanted to pass it along.

Discovery Toys
Work from home with this reputable company that helps educate children
while they are having fun.

These links represent well-known reputable companies that
offer start up with little money and lots of support.

The following sites have a lot of information and links for people
who want to work at home.

Biz-eWomen Dedicated to providing work/life balance solutions for busy women.
Find articles on biz startup, info on how to manage a biz and family, hundreds of
useful links, formulas for positioning your business, and Internet marketing strategies and tips.

WAHM Team - Services and Resources for WAHMs.  Professional services to help you
start and grow your business online and offline. Plus low-cost advertising and business
resources in every category imaginable. Subscribe to TeamEzine, too, for original
content to help you succeed in working at home.

Sell Stuff Local  Want to sell stuff to people in your own neighborhood?  This internet
classified site is the place to start.

2 Work At Home  I just found this site and am overwhelmed by what a good job Sharon has
done.  A must read if you want to work at home. 

Modern Mom  A Mom owned site with a comprehensive work at home section.  Lots of
other Mom info is available also.

Moms-Home-Work   There are links to thousands of work at home jobs here, plus much
more.  There is also a daily newsletter. 

Dot Com Mommies  All kinds of work at home info from a fellow Mom.

Home Travel Agency
Here is a site that will give you information on having a home
travel agency.

National Association of Professional Organizers
Want to organize someone else's house too?

Find your dream job! Monster  The biggest job site ever.  Post your resume for free.
Post a job if you need employees.  Get results fast.

Ready to get a job outside the home? JobBank USA
specializes in providing career information including job and resume
database services to job candidates, employers and recruitment firms in the
U.S. and worldwide.

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