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Survey, points and e-mail reading are all good ways to get extra surprise checks
and perks. Every holiday season I get almost all my gifts with my survey points, 
really helps save the budget. You don't have to wait though, you can
cash out of most programs any time you want or need a little extra help. 

MyPoints I have been using my points for years.  I usually turn in my points for
Starbucks cards.  Simple to have your points add up.

Ipsos Survey Panel  Not only get paid for surveys, but get in drawings
for big cash prizes.

Global Test market Join Global Test Market and get paid to influence the next
generation of consumer services and products. Make a difference now!
(Available worldwide)

You just answer surveys and get points that you save up to turn into cash.
What I like most about this company is that even if you don't qualify for the
survey, they still give you points.


My Survey Get points that can be redeemed for cash, prizes or charitable
contributions. Fun and easy, my new favorite
I have been a member for several
years and they usually have lots of surveys plus lots of product testing,
which we enjoy.

Got Opinions? Take an online survey today for a chance to win $5,000.
Click Here
This is for LightSpeed research.  I have participated with LightSpeed for a
couple of years and you can earn points to turn in for cash or lots of other
prizes.  They are very reliable and perform just as advertised.

Opinion Outpost Lots of fun surveys, earn points that you can trade in for
cash or prizes.  NEW!

Make Your Opinion Count, Join PermissionResearch!

Survey Savvy   Another site that just pays for your opinion $3 per survey and they
average one per month.  They will also pay you for any friends that you refer.
Also Highly recommended.

E-Poll - Take polls for fun & rewards and get 500 points instantly just for joining now!
(US only)

Gather NEW.  Join in the fun "My Space" for grownups.  Get points every
time you post and turn them in for excellent prizes, easy to earn gift

Bzz Agents are sent a new product and are paid to talk to their friends and peer
groups about the product.  It's lots of fun and you get to try new products first.
If you are interested send an e-mail with your name and Bzz in the subject line.
Open to people in the US, Canada and the UK.  If you are in Canada or UK put that
in the body of the e-mail.

Search Cactus This site also pays for reading e-mails and has a contest to win $50,000
or a Porsche (great for taking those kids to soccer).  They pay for referrals and also
have a page where you can earn quick cash.  A nice well organized site.

American Consumer Opinion This company pays for surveys taken.  I have done many
surveys for them and they also do product testing.  Just finished a test
and got the free product plus $12. 

Send More Info
Get paid to read e-mails, also get paid for all those you refer to the

Money 4 Surveys
An extensive list of places where you can take surveys.  It also
has lots of other resources, a good site.

Surveys Down Under  For our Aussie friends, a good site for finding Australian
survey opportunities.

Scour  Get points for searching the internet and inviting others to do so.
Turn in your points for Visa gift cards.  It's a good search engine as well.
It uses several and the sites are rated by the users. 

In order to fill out all your applications more quickly, I highly recommend


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