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Cheese is often used as a dessert and these offerings are actually as sweet as a dessert. They
can be paired with fruit or cookies and you will have a nice dessert that is more healthy and
contains less carbs than a regular dessert.  Best of all you won't feel cheated out of a
sweet ending to your meal. Any of these can be ordered by going to igourmet.com

White Stilton with Fruit  Most of us are familiar with the popular blue stiltons made in England.
These unusual cheeses are made with white stilton and mixed with fruits to make a wonderful
dessert or snack.  I serve them on graham crackers and you get what amounts to an adult
version of cheesecake that is not so sweet or caloric.  I have also made "Oreos" out of these
by mixing the fruited stilton with a little fresh mascarpone and sandwiching it between a couple
of thin crispy cookies.  All of these make a wonderful topping for salads.  One of the most
popular cheeses in any of my tastings ever, the pineapple is the standout.  Next in popularity are
the lemon, and the mango with ginger.  Also available are strawberry, blueberry, orange and
apricot. Try the pineapple first, you will be hooked.

Chocolate Royale  Chocolate cheese?  When most people first hear of this they cringe.  Again
just think of chocolate cheesecake and you know this one is a winner.  Also from England and
using white stilton as a base, this cheese is tangy and the perfect after dinner treat.  It's very
elegant and good for entertaining. 

Chocolate Capri Log  Even tangier than is cow's milk cousin, this chocolate goat
cheese comes in a 5 oz. log that is perfect for a holiday dessert tray with the pies
and cookies.

Capra Honey Goat  When strawberries are in season, almost nothing compares
to a little of this creamy, honey flavored goat cheese spread on top of a completely ripe
strawberry.  Nice on it's own, it really shines.  Perfect for an informal brunch or as a
healthy snack.  Don't be afraid of this one, it is always popular whenever I have served

VOD Currant  This Swedish cheese is a medium-hard cheese that has been soaked in
Absolut Currant vodka.  Just a twinge of sweet flavor comes through in this very interesting
cheese.  Best served with crackers, I have served this many times and had everyone
commenting on how much they enjoyed it.  Sweden makes many varieties of cheese
that we all know, but this little secret is now out.

Lavender Cheese  Australia has been adding delicious cheeses to it's exports in recent
times and one of the most unusual is this lavender cheese.  It is infused with edible
lavender blossoms and is as unusual looking as it is tasty.  This cheese pairs well
with a crisp white wine.

Cranberry Chevre with Cinnamon  This holiday friendly goat cheese hails from Canada,
where they take their dairy products seriously.  The 11 oz. log is covered with slightly
dried cranberries and flavored with a little cinnamon.  It is one of the cheeses that I
am constantly getting asked about.  In my monthly tasting in Los Gatos, Ca, I have to
bring it practically every month and it sells out with back orders every time.  I like this
cheese best on a crispy wheat cracker.

Cranberry Wensleydale  Another British invention, this is a dry, crumbly cheese with
dried cranberries mixed in. I do not care for this cheese to eat on it's own but it is
impressive on a salad or in a turkey sandwich.  It comes in regular cuts but also
wrapped in purple wax in a heart shape.  This also comes in apricot, but only in regular
cuts, not in a heart shape.



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