We all struggle with our budgets and in addition to making a little extra money
saving on our daily expenses can help stretch that extra cash we make
mystery shopping, surfing, and selling our extras on the web.  Below are links
to great sites with tips for saving on everything, coupon sites and freebie sites.

Find great things to do under $25 anywhere

Print Free Grocery Coupons, hundreds every day.


Saving for College
A whole new section.  New laws have given parents some new choices
for college savings.  Also college resources for scholarships and other

Find the best gasoline prices in your area:

Freecycle  Get rid of things you don't want and find treasures that others don't
need.  Lots of locations all over the US.  I have used them many times, to get
rid of stuff and find things I needed.  This is a must for frugal budgets.

Check this site and find out how to get your credit report.

Mutual Fund Investor's Center
This site is operated by the Mutual Fund Education Alliance.
Great spot for beginners and advanced alike.  This lists
"no-load" funds.

Frugal Sites
Click here for sites that help save
money on your budget with
lots of informative articles.
On-line coupon sites can help you save a substantial amount of money. 
Check these out and start saving.
Free Sites
There are still lots of free offers
on the internet and we have listed
many sites that offer freebies.
Travel Savings
Don't pay full price for air fares,
hotels or rental cars.  Look here for
travel sites.
Greeting cards get more expensive
every day, send an e-card and save
on the card and the postage too!


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