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Getting Organized is easier all the time with the large number of books and websites devoted
to helping us all.  Check out some of my favorites, I need all the help I can get.

Organize Tips
Another great site by a Mom, tons of help to organize everything.

Getting organized is easy if you visit Wendy's great site.

Fly Lady  I just love this site.  They have e-mail reminders daily that help us keep on track with
our organizing.  Give it a try, you will have a more organized house quickly.
I enjoy the FlyLady so much I
went to San Francisco to a book signing and got my picture taken with
her.  She is as wonderful in person as on the web.


The Family Planner  A great organizing tool for busy families.

Messies Anonymous  A nice site with just one daily e-mail reminder of a way to change your
household one thing at a time.

Organized Home  This site was recommended by one of our readers.  It is an extensive site
with organization ideas for everything.

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