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This page is just starting out and I invite any and all appropriate links, if you
know a good one, let me know.

Real California Cheese Being a Californian I thought we could start with this site.  
It is home of the controversial "Happy Cows".  This is a fun and informative
site and you can get a free brochure on cheese courses and a printable coupon.

Golden Age Cheese  New York based cheese manufacturer of all natural
cheese.   The most encompassing site for cheese info. 

Forfar Dairy  Visit this historic Canadian dairy and find cheese from cows,
sheep and goats plus many flavored and lower fat cheeses.

Cheese of the Month  Get 3 half pounds of gourmet cheese per month
from this handy club.  Become an expert in a few months.

The Cheese Community
Blogs, info. everything for the cheese lover.

The Reluctant Gourmet has a talk with an official Cheesemonger.  Lots of great, hard to
come by details.

The Mozzarella Company  This company founded by Paula Lambert, has a great
selection of USA made mozzarella in all kinds of interesting shapes, with tortas
and all sorts of one of a kind items.

Healthy Weight With Dairy  Check out lots of scientific studies that show dairy products
help to maintain a healthy weight.

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